Launch your career in hospitality through our FREE, in-person program! This program will help you find a job in a hotel, and provide courses, 1:1 career coaching, and job shadowing with our hotel partners.

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Launch your career in banking through our program that helps you get a job in the banking industry! This FREE program provides courses, workshops, and job placement support to get you a job as a bank teller!

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BIOTECH – Biotechnology (JVS)

Our FREE, part-time, eight week training program will teach you the necessary laboratory skills to start your career in the biotechnology industry and become a biotechnology manufacturing associate. This program includes a stipend and leads to a full-time job.

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Start your career in health care as a Patient Care Technician. Our FREE, full-time seven week training program leads to a full-time job in a local hospital!

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HEALTHCARE Animal Care Technician (JVS)

GET PAID to learn to become an Animal Care Technician and help hospitals conduct medical research! This program will equip you with the skills you need to launch an exciting career in the medical field.

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