The member agencies of the Job Training Alliance (JTA)  strongly believe that job training is key to finding better paying, career track jobs. 

Why use this quiz?

  • We developed this tool to connect people looking for training programs to programs that will help them attain the greatest level of success and opportunities.
  • Training that ties to industries with many well paying jobs is one of the most promising ways to grow in your career and make more money.
  • This search tool was developed by the JTA to connect seekers of job training programs to our vetted member programming. 

What makes our programming stand out? 

Wraparound services mean that we’re here to help you succeed not just during your training but even after it’s done. We have extra support to make sure you do your best!

ESOL/Job Readiness: Some of our programs teach English (ESOL) and job skills to get you ready for work. It’s not just about training; we want to help you be ready for a job.

Industry Connections: Our programs are connected to the kinds of jobs that are growing in Boston. So, when you finish, there’s a good chance there will be job openings for you.

Robust Assessment Process: This quiz is like the questions our programs ask when apply. The more you answer, the better we can suggest the right program for you. We want to make sure you qualify for the programs and have the best chance to succeed.

Programs Designed with Employers: Our programs are made with the help of employers in the area. That means they are designed to teach you what you need to know to get hired.