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About JTA

The Job Training Alliance was first organized in May 1987 by Elsa Bengel of YMCA Training, Inc., Jay Ostrower at ABCD and 12 other non-profit job training organizations to ensure transparency and openness in the contract process for funding job training programs, and to strengthen and support the work of Boston’s job training and employment programs.

It grew to include over 30 non-profit community based organizations providing high quality skills training in fields ranging from construction to culinary to computers.

The Job Training Alliance enabled all vendors in the area to:

  • Have strength in numbers
  • Exchange information
  • Get information directly from the funders who would regularly attend JTA meetings
  • Get educated and informed about key issues
  • Meet other vendors in the area with whom they could partner
  • Learn each member’s programs so that we could make appropriate referrals

A product that was a direct result of the JTA was a catalog that listed all of our programs.  The catalog was a great resource to all One-Stop Career Centers and recruiter staff at each of the vendors for easy referrals.  The catalog has transformed into this website.

In 2001, when public funding for job training was re-organized from the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) to the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), the Job Training Alliance worked closely with the local Workforce Investment Boards, the city of Boston, and the local career centers to ensure consistent and clear information and decision making throughout the process. 

The JTA Breakfast was our signature event and was designed to recognize outstanding graduates and programs and to demonstrate to local employers the important role that the training and employment vendors had in staffing their organizations.  Each JTA member provided a list of all the employers that hired our graduates in a year.  Those names were collected and combined to create an insert in the event program booklet that was literally pages and pages of employers that had hired our students. 

Today, the Job Training Alliance in its 30th year is proud to continue ensuring that the best skills training and employment services for residents of greater Boston and the Commonwealth remain available through its membership of non-profit community organizations. Note the variety of training opportunities available, and the diverse mix of community organizations.  The results tab demonstrates that community non-profits are a vital component of our region’s workforce development strategy.

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